how to remove followers from twitter

How to remove Followers from Twitter?


There’s the different reason which occurs in daily life so as like that there are different problems occur in daily life,

so due to multiple reasons occurs to remove followers from twitter, like security issue or privacy issue or the person follows you is

not trustable so you want to remove him/her.

well, yeah there is the various reason.

Step one:

how to remove follwers from twitter

i- FirstĀ  you have to open the twitter app or open it on web.

ii- now you have to login on twitter account.

iii- so enter your email/name and password click on log in.

Through App,

Step two:

how to remove follwers from twitter

i- Click on your profile or on ”me” than your profile will be open.

There’s two options you have to display on the app.

how to remove followers from twitter

ii -First is Following.

iii -Second is Followers.

iv- so you want to remove a follower click on the ”Followers”’.

Step three:

i- Different users will be displayed on your screen, so there different users following you.

ii- Select the person or user whom you want to unfollow or remove from the followers list.

this is done through theĀ Mobile App

On web, there’s different method little bit

Step one:

As well as Login your Twitter account.

Step two:

Now you have to click on the follower button which placed on the upper left side of the page.

Step three:

Now you can see the following and followers both options.

Step four:

When you click on the follower button, all the followers will display on the screen.

Step Five:

Now you have to decide to whom you want to remove or block a user on your follower list.

Step Six:

Click on the user which you want to remove.

Now it’s done.

now that user is no longer to you.

you can again follow him/her.

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