How to Blur Background in the Lightroom?


As you can see the image is not good, because of people behind that woman make a picture not good, but we can blur background in Lightroom cs6

which is so simple through the various type of tools!, but here we have done it through the Lightroom because it’s work very best and produce an effective quality image as you can see it on the image, there different objects on the image which can blur through it.

so let’s start and read till the end and must try it.

Step one:


Select a image from your file or where file is store simply select it as you select the other files, well after selection click on the open.

Step two:

The image will display on the Lightroom the main work is here to select the brush.


i-  First you have to Open the Lightroom when you open the Lightroom now you have to find out the module.

ii- Than finds the Develop Module.

Step three:

on the previous step, you select the brush which fulfill the purpose of us and you can also get advantages from it,

As you see the adjustment brush so first click on it and select it.

after that the next step is you have to click on Sharpness now you have to select it at (-100) or you can select the value which you want to , or set the value which you want to set it.

now you can blur the background and as you can see the personality of the image is totally change, so blur it and enjoy it.

If you are  confused, so it’s simple we make it for you because through images which show how to blur the background

so from that example, it becomes easy for you to do it.

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